back garden of Appletree Cottage 

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"if you want to see Fenland climb on a haybale" : 180deg panorama with Gael sitting atop haybales looking at flat Fen landscape


  St Wendreda's Church : the nave 

new: The Angels of St Wendreda's Church

Gael sitting top of river bank with Cassie lying in front of her   tri-colour Border Collie Moss sitting at top of stairs smiling
Gael & Cassie   Moss

fellsphoto dogs

Gael's website with Cassie and Past Friends

Cassie and Bess are on You Tube and Facebook:

Cassie and Bess in their garden lying by the pink gym ball

Cassie & Bess

 Cassie holding stick on Sale How, Whinlatter  Bess Meadowfarm

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 Bess lying on the bridleway embankment 
Cassie    Bess 

Here they are: the Twa Dogs on You Tube:

'Twa Dogs' You Tube banner


longest day sunset over Derwent Water

penned Swaledales, Ings Trials

photographs of the English Lake District


Gael with 'the boss'
Gael with her 'boss'
you can e-mail Cassie, Bess or the boss (a.k.a. 'webmaster') here



Megan sleepy eyed lying on chair arm


Heaven goes by favour.  If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." -- Mark Twain


Dollywagon Pike (a Noblex panorama) includes stunning panoramas in the Noblex Gallery



Gael at computer

On the internet nobody knows you're a dog.


also: the fellsphoto subsidiary .......

galloping on St Bees beach             Franka Solida III camera        poppies The Fellsphoto Vintage Camera Collection

illustrated with many photographs taken with such classic cameras

Crummock Water from Low Fell

Crummock Water from the Loweswater Fells taken with the vintage 1953 camera shown above

"the best view in the Lake District"  according to mountain photographer Walt A Poucher




The Lake District in Old Postcards:
c.1935 postcard: Keswick main street & town hall 1912 postcard: coach descending Dunmail Raise to Grasmere
Keswick : Main Street & Town Hall 1870-1960  Dunmail Raise : coaching over the Lakeland passes
lantern slide: coach passengers walking up Dunmail Raise

"It's mostly walk and pay your fare as well." 




from the bridge of an Atlantic convoy shhip : "a head sea"   

war-time Atlantic convoy : "a head sea"

Dad: Capt R M Purvis in uniform as a young man

1964 - with Capt & wife on bridge Esso Lancashire, Port Brega

piloting at Port Brega, Libya
The Life of Dad : Capt. Robert Marshall Purvis 1917-2007



Gael - headshot sitting top of fen ditch bank

Gael ISDS 271469

Kindly the Father said to her,
"I've turned my own name back to front
and called you Dog, My friend."


~ ~ ~